A new way to recruit quickly, simply and in tune with the times

Jobstory is the first application 100% dedicated to video recruitment using social network codes. No more paper, optimize your time by putting people at the center of your selection.

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Save up to 70% time per recruitment

Save dozens of hours per recruitment

Save dozens of hours per recruitment

Don't waste your time sorting candidates that all look alike and eliminate in person interviews that take forever. You instantly form an opinion on the candidate, and if he doesn't do the trick, move on to the next one.

Put the human before the resume

Put the human before the resume

Select your candidates with criteria that are not revealed in a resume such as energy, interpersonal qualities, motivation or elocution.

Receive only motivated applications

Receive only motivated applications

Eliminate 100% of resume "spam". Only the most committed candidates make the effort to apply on video. A motivated candidate will stay in their position longer, which will reduce your turnover.

Modern, digital and ethical recruitment

Modern, digital and ethical recruitment

You give the same chance to all candidates to put themselves forward, without a priori or discrimination. You are only interested in people by using a modern, digital and easy-to-use channel.

How it works ?

step 1


Create your Job offers directly in the application with 3 or 4 questions to ask candidates.


Candidates have 1 minute to answer each question in story form.

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step 3astep 3b


Receive stories from candidates who answer your questions.


Quickly shortlist the interesting candidates, discard the others.

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Contact candidates directly in the app to do a video interview or offer them an appointment.